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Posted by on Sep 4, 2013

Types of electrical fuel pumps for various applications

Every vehicle’s heart is its fuel and exhaust system, and fuel pumps are the most important components of this system. There are various types of fuel pumps used in various applications. Because these pumps supply fuel to various parts of the engine, it might stop working if some of these pumps stop performing. Let’s take a look at some types of fuel pumps used in various applications. Roller vane pumps Roller vane pumps consist of a rotor fitted with metal rollers. These rollers create a vacuum which pulls the fuel into the pump. Once the fuel enters the pump, the rollers force the fuel out of the pump chamber with extreme pressure. These types of pumps are popularly used in applications which involve multiport fuel injection. No other type of pump can handle fuel contaminants as much as Roller vane pumps. They are also used in transferring non-abrasive liquids and aromatic solvents. Turbine pumps Turbine pumps consist of a turbine blade which operates at a high speed. When the...

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