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Posted by on Aug 18, 2013

Bull Bars – What are They Used For

Bull Bars – What are They Used For

Bull bars, the very thing that will protect your truck from a red-hot, charging bull.  Maybe that was the case back when bulls really were a viable cause for vehicle damage, but now it’s doubtful that they are the main concern.  Bull bars, also known as a “nudge bar” or a “push bar,” mainly keep your vehicle front bumpers clear of damage.  But there are other functions that come with these bars, maybe even some you haven’t considered.


Body Protection

As stated before, the main function of a bull bar is protection for your front bumper.  If you took your off-road rig out to the dunes or mud pit without a bull bar, you would find your action to be extremely limited.  And what if you ran into an unforeseen rock in that mud?  What would it do to the front of your vehicle?  Bumpers, these days, are quite fragile, so the added protection of a bull bar could be the difference you see when off-roading.


Most accidents happen when you are driving at low speeds.  Fender benders can mess up your vehicle with just a tap.  After you rear-ended that guy last week, you may have thought, “I was barely going 15-miles per hour, how could my car be totaled?” A bull bar attached to your everyday vehicle could protect your car or truck from becoming the next junk yard drop-off.  I bet you never thought a deer could do damage to your bumper.  But hitting animals that run across the road could very well be the reason you needed to replace your front end.  While your truck’s in the shop, you better get a bull bar put on too.


Decorative Only

Some people might tell you that bull bars are a thing of the past.  They might say that the only reason someone has a bull bar these days, is for decoration only.  An owner of a Toyota Prius, concerned that his efficient, but pansy-looking car needs to appear tough, could make the small addition of a bull bar to the car’s front bumper and turn it into something awesome.


Push Bars

Law enforcement has their own modified version of the Bull bar.  They call them “push bars.” And these push bars are attached to the front of patrol vehicles to push cars out of the way.  These bars are designed to absorb impacts and minimize the damage to the vehicle.


Vehicles with bull bars will always look tough and ready for an adventure, whether it’s a truck or a sedan.  Although, if you have these protective bars on your front bumper, keep in mind that if you collide with pedestrians or cyclists, the damage to them might be far greater because of your bull bar. And as we talked about body protection before, a disadvantage to a bull bar might be the damage you give to the guy you rear-ended last week.


Only you can weigh the pros and cons when it comes to the importance of a bull bar on your vehicle.


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