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Posted by on Sep 5, 2013

Helping People Out in Roadside Emergencies – Essential Equipment

Helping People Out in Roadside Emergencies – Essential Equipment

Being caught up in a roadside emergency is something that no one really wants to be involved in, but unfortunately from time to time we often find ourselves in this situation – and sometimes we see the plight of someone else. Being stuck in a roadside emergency can be an absolute nightmare, and if you don’t have roadside assistance then you are often left relying on a kind passer-by to help you out of your predicament.

If you happen to be that kind passer-by then you may have the equipment and the ability to help someone out. So what is it that you actually need to be able to effectively help someone out in the event of a roadside emergency?

  • Rope
    This can be incredibly useful if you are looking to help someone out of a field, embankment, or generally any other situation where they shouldn’t have ended up. A good sturdy rope will allow you to attach a part of your car to a part of their car and effectively tow them out. Of course, it’s important to ensure that your car has the power to do this effectively, or you could find that you are actually being pulled into trouble
  • Spare battery
    A spare battery is a generally handy extra to carry around with you, and if you come across a car where the battery has gone flat then this can be absolutely ideal. Of course you need to make sure that the battery is compatible with the car to prevent any disasters from happening!
  • Jump leads
    Jump leads are great when you need to jump start a car, and this allows you to use power from your car to jump start another car. Make sure that you connect your jump leads in the appropriate manner to prevent any problems later down the line – and in turn you’ll find this is a quick and easy way to get a car started.
  • Mobile phone
    Ok, so this isn’t a part of the car, but it is something in your car that can be absolutely invaluable in this situation. If you can’t help out then calling someone who can is exactly what you need to do. Get out your mobile and call roadside assistance, they may have to pay for it, but it’s a great alternative to being stuck on the side of the road, and they will generally have all the tools needed to help out!

Paul is a car enthusiast from the UK working with online tyre supplier Easy Wheels

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