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Posted by on Oct 4, 2013

Survive the End of the World with the Chevy Silverado Black Ops Edition

Survive the End of the World with the Chevy Silverado Black Ops Edition

Chevy Silverado Black Ops Edition

You just can’t beat a pickup truck, especially the new Chevy Silverado Black Ops Edition! This is one pickup truck you don’t want to pick a fight with, as it may very well run you off the road with just a tap.

The Chevrolet Design Manager said of the Chevy Silverado Black Ops Edition:

“It’s a survival kit on four wheels”

The Chevy Silverado Black Ops Edition come kitted out with gas masks, winch, body armour, and food and drink storage. I know I want this pickup truck in case the world ever ends or is attacked by zombies. This pickup truck has everything except for a gun rack or fitted missile launchers. I don’t know whether I am going all James Bond or Mission Impossible here, but if I am being attacked by zombies, these are two things I would want.

Chevrolet built the Black Ops Edition to show off just how good the Silverado model is. I have to say I think it worked as the model looks incredible! You can go and see the Chevy Silverado Black Ops Edition at the SEMA Aftermarket Parts Show in Las Vegas.

There are so many TV shows lately about the end of the world such as “Doomsday Preppers”, where families show just how they prepare if this event ever took place. I believe this is why Chevrolet decided to do the Black Ops Edition, to play on this craze that seems to be sweeping across our televisions.

I think Chevrolet done a good job creating a survival kit on fur wheels as I know if there was ever a viral attack then the first thing I would want is a gas mask and to head to somewhere recluse. With going somewhere recluse you would obviously also need a fuel can, water tank, and a food crate, which the Black Ops Edition also has. They really have thought of everything!

No wonder Dave Moss said it was a survival kit on 4 wheels!

As well all that, the Chevy Silverado Black Ops Edition also has luxury black leather interior with yellow piping to make your survival kit more than a survival kit, but rather a comfortable haven.

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