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Posted by on Aug 18, 2013

Truck Tonneau Covers – Do You Really Need One?

Truck Tonneau Covers – Do You Really Need One?

The word Tonneau means: Backseat compartment in French, which is a perfect definition when it comes to covering our truck beds. You may be in the market for a Tonneau cover if you are an occasional hauler or if you want your truck to have a custom look to it.  Besides the fact that they just look really cool, they offer better visibility than a canopy and can even save you money at the pump.

There are two types of covers:  Hard and soft.  They both have great benefits, but which one is right for your truck?

Hard Tonneau Covers

truck tonneau coversThese sturdy and durable covers can make your boring truck into the custom-looking truck of your dreams.  This hinged cover will last longer and is easier to lock up your storage.  When your valuables need to be secure, locking the hard Tonneau cover is much like locking your truck.  This should put your mind at ease.

Some may see the installation of a hard Tonneau cover to be a draw-back because of the weight of it.  If you go with a hard cover, it is recommended that you get it professionally installed onto the bed of your truck.  Another con may be that with the vertical hinged top, it limits the height of what you choose to haul in the bed of your truck.

Soft Tonneau Covers

People find these roll-tops beneficial to their trucks because a soft Tonneau cover is more convenient.  Unlike the hinged hard cover, the soft cover doesn’t limit the height of storage since the cover slides horizontal.  This cover is easy to adjust and is also light-weight.  Hauling things should be no problem with this Tonneau cover.

If security is your concern, then a soft cover may not be your best choice.  Because this cover is made of a Kevlar material, it can easily be cut, leaving the bed of your truck vulnerable to thievery.  Another draw-back to the soft covers might be that the material isn’t as durable over time.  Sure it’s water-proof, but as time goes by, and the cover is constantly subjected to wind and other elements, it breaks down and can become less effective in protecting your things.

Both Styles of Tonneau Covers

What both of these covers have in common is that they improve aerodynamics.  Yes, these can be money savers for you at the gas pump.  And most of us know that trucks, in general, don’t have the greatest reputation for being economical as a daily driver, so any amount of money saved on gas is a plus.

Another great benefit that both these covers have is the security they allow for your stuff that you choose to haul.  Whether it is security from stranger’s hands or security from weather, your storage is safe when it is beneath a Tonneau cover.

You have been given the basics on Tonneau covers, now you have to do your part and choose which cover is right for your truck.

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